And We're Back

Well this is fun. Here I am starting a new site for myself. I decided to have a place that reflects and focuses on me, and what I’ve been up to lately. So here goes.
It’s been awhile since I had this place, so there will be some NEW and some OLD added to the site……

IPad Revisited

So about seven months ago, I wrote that I wanted an iPad. So we decided to get one for an early Christmas present. Nice. This is certainly a great new toy. Kinda scaring me though. Another Apple product in our home. The quality of the display is awesome and is so easy to use. The apps are a bit more expensive, but some are worth the extra. Others are just trying to cash in. Research what you are getting for the extra.

This article, written on the iPad with the WordPress app. Well done and an asset to the arsenal. Will write more as I have tried out different things.