Worldwide Photo Walk (Scott Kelby)

All around the world today people participated in a photo walk in their city. Getting people out and about to see their city in a different light. To find things they may not otherwise notice. I happened to be in Prince George BC for 2 weeks of holiday fun, with friends and family. So far have had a great time seeing all kinds of different sites and being able to take some great shots of the city and surrounding area. Went on this walk with my father in law and what a blast. There really are some great places to find when you least expect them. The day was fairly cool, the sun coming out and not too overpowering. About 25 people participated and ended at The White Spot for brunch. Great way to spend a morning. Check out the links for the pictures uploaded to the Worldwide Site and Flickr (of course).
Worldwide Photo Walk Site
Worldwide Group on Flickr
Worldwide Photo Walk Site for the Prince George Pictures
Worldwide Group for Prince George on Flickr

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  1. We have just released our PhotoWalkIdeas in the iTunes Store to help photographers on photo walks. The iPhone app lets you choose a theme (nature, urban, people, etc.), a level of difficulty, and the number of ideas you want. The app then randomly selects the ideas from its dictionary of 5,000 words and phrases, and you have ideas to look for on your walk.

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