Fixed a few things

Fixed some issues in the blog and combined two blogs together.

Decided it would be easier to edit one instead of two or three. Check out the links for other fun stuff as well.

Time to get into gear

So here we are, yet again trying to get myself into the swing of keeping up to date on the site. Things change so quickly it is hard sometimes to stay on track. Having said that I am on holidays right now. A good time to revamp.

Holy Smokes…

Man I can’t believe how time flies by, it has been so long since I wrote anything here, thought maybe it’s time to catch up. So many things are changing in the techno world, what a fun time to have access to all this technology. The iPad is still one of my favourite toys and has come a long way since it’s purchase. Not planning on upgrading to the iPad2 or iPad3 (when it comes out) but have upgraded to IOS 5 which has some awesome features and useable too. A world without Steve Jobs is slightly scary. Here’s to hoping the iTeam keep it together, from the looks of their 4th quarter report, things are still rolling along. I’m thinking Steve left them a big box of ideas and concepts to work on, which will keep them going for many moons to come. I have some articles to post, just need to get them finished. That is another day…

IPad Revisited

So about seven months ago, I wrote that I wanted an iPad. So we decided to get one for an early Christmas present. Nice. This is certainly a great new toy. Kinda scaring me though. Another Apple product in our home. The quality of the display is awesome and is so easy to use. The apps are a bit more expensive, but some are worth the extra. Others are just trying to cash in. Research what you are getting for the extra.

This article, written on the iPad with the WordPress app. Well done and an asset to the arsenal. Will write more as I have tried out different things.

Finally got Back

Well it has been fun for me since Christmas and New Years came and went …. NOT ….. I suffered a major computer melt down. I got infected with Virtumondi and a few others. Kinda cramped the beginning of a new year. So I have been reformatting and reinstalling software till the cows come home what a PITA. The thing that got me the most is I am pretty cautious with what I download and where I go on the net, however not careful enough. So here I am back up and running and way more the wiser. I have some new software installed, which I will post here sometime this week. They may help others stop the same fate my computer suffered, before anything bad happens.

On to a good note, my wallpapers and icons section is almost finished, so will get these up and running this week. Check back soon for these and new updates.

Christmas Memories

It’s just around the corner. Would you like to share some thoughts or photos of your memorable or not so memorable events. Check out the photo group on Flickr. Christmas Memories link.